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The Dating Up Book Series:

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The Dating Up series includes 3 ebooks. The series is built around the premise of self-love. Each book in the series address different issues for singles lost in the world of dating. The series is not gender specific nor is it age specific, rather it is geared towards those that are serious about finding love while staying grounded in their core values. Sometimes during dating, people tend to lose focus or even lose faith in finding someone special. This series is dedicated to helping singles find the original purpose they had in dating, focusing on what is important and helping them to become the best they can be, to attract the best person for them.

The First eBook: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid While Dating, helps readers to re-evaluate some unhealthy dating habits they may have unknowingly picked up. It challenges them to take a deeper look into their expectations of others and also their own self value.  It is an introduction to the series, a reference guide per say, for those already in the dating world or those that are re-entering the dating scene.

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Book Two will be available for purchase July 2017. More details coming soon!

Book two is ‘Repairing My Foundation’. The focus in this book is solely on you; self. The topics include understanding the differences between standards and preferences, searching for completeness, setting boundaries and identifying core values. All things needed to shape and sometimes re-shape personal foundation.  A shifty foundation makes for an unbalanced person.

It is imperative that a person is centered and know exactly who he or she is as a person before entering into relationships. Often people that do not know who they are at the core, will look for guidance in their partners. Which is why when relationships end they find themselves lost, confused and seeking validation from others; only to repeat the same mistakes, creating an unhealthy cycle of dysfunctional relationships.

In dating and relationships one of the most important things to remember is that no other person can fill voids nor heal hurts. It has to come from within. If someone can give something, it implies that person can take it away. Never give people that type of power over your life.

Book 2 Sample