019 Religion & Spirituality in Dating

How important is it to have the┬ásame religious or spiritual beliefs in relationships? Let’s talk about it! Don’t forget to follow the show on social media. Links can be found at www.workingonamasterplan.com

017 Holiday Blues

It’s that time of year; time to celebrate family, love and life. However, not everyone is in a celebrating mood. In fact this time of year can bring reminders of things and people lost. Also, it’s can be a real downer for some singles but lets find new ways to bring some light into our lives. Let’s talk about it!

015 Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness isn’t letting someone off the hook for hurt that person caused; it’s simply taking your power back. As long as you harbor ill feelings it is difficult to move into a peaceful space. You can’t move on to someone new while holding on to pieces of someone from the past. Let’s talk about it…

013 Finding Inner Peace Before Romance

On this show it is stressed that having a foundation of self love is crucial before searching for a love in a romantic relationship. So many of us are convoluted with toxicity but continue to wonder why love keeps evading us. On this episode we discuss how to get rid of toxic behavior, building self-awareness and finding inner peace. All of this is necessary in learning to be happily single while being open to love. Lets talk about it!

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