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Author & Host

It’s no surprise that LaTrina McDonald is one of the most sought after speakers of today. People are immediately drawn in by her honesty, class, and experience gained through life, education and work. To be clear LaTrina does not consider her self a dating nor relationship expert, she simply brings to the table her experiences and those of guests who appear on the show or in her books. She is very passionate about helping others heal and grow from the inside-out.       

LaTrina’s interest in understanding the complexity of dating and romantic relationships began over a decade ago due to her own “failed” experiences and the “failed” relationships of others. In 2015 she began a personal blog, My Thoughts, My Path, which detailed her own life experiences, discourse on religion and of course her past relationships. After gaining interest she included a segment called Dating Dilemma Saturday. It allowed readers to send in questions and dilemmas to which she would respond every Saturday. Again, on a quest to help build better romantic relationships, the blog lead her to write the first book in a three book series titled “Dating Up”.

LaTrina explained “dating up” simply means having a foundation of self-love, without that people will always date down. To date down means to attract unhealthy people and enter unhealthy relationships. Each book in the Dating Up series explores different areas of dating. The first book is Dating Up: 7 Pitfalls to Avoid while Dating. It’s a short introduction to the series. It helps readers to re-evaluate some dating habits they may have unknowingly picked up. It challenges them to take a deeper look into their expectations of others and also their own self worth. Book two and three will be out later in 2017 and 2018.




Due to the growing popularity of the blog and the Dating Up book series, LaTrina wanted to give it a voice. Feeling that more people could be reached through audio or video she decided to start a podcast. The Working on a Masterplan: Dating Up podcast debuted in July of 2016. Each episode has continued to draw in thousands of downloads since it’s introduction. In July of 2018, the second year anniversary of the show, LaTrina decided she wanted to revamp the show. She wants the show to focus on those that are divorced and putting themselves back on the dating scene. One thing divorcees have in common is feeling like they have failed at one of the biggest life decisions a lot of people dream about most of their lives. The show speaks about topics relatable to those individuals. LaTrina feels the advice a divorced person seeks as it relates to dating and relationships is going to be a little different than those who have never been there. One because you have experienced marriage, even if things didn’t go as planned a self reflecting person will know how to take mistakes and turn them from bad to good going forward.

Get a Free Audiobook!The new podcast is titled Working on a Masterplan: Dating After Divorce. Look for a new episode every Sunday on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher Radio and YouTube.

LaTrina is also very passionate about Domestic Violence Awareness. Whenever possible she finds ways to support foundations that help victims of domestic violence.