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  What is the masterplan? It’s your life. Every single thing you do, say and think affects the ever changing plan, which is how your life is playing out.  





Working on a Masterplan is a show dedicated to an honest, ongoing conversation on everything that encompasses learning to be happily single while dating to one day find  a lasting love. The difference between this show and others is that it deals with issues from the inside out. 

The show is an audio and video podcast. Available on Apple podcasts and Stitcher Radio.

Every Sunday catch a new video episode during ‘Single Life Diaries’.

Single Life Diaries is a segment to speak about an issue that is plaguing singles every where. Real life examples are given. New possibilities are revealed and a sense of hope is renewed.

Every Wednesday catch a new audio recording on ‘Crushin’ on You’. 

Remember the times you could listen to a song and it would stop your world for those few minutes.? During Crushin’ on You, an old school R&B song is selected, broken down and discussed on how it relates and can be used to improve ones’ dating life. Let’s remember a time when dating was fun! Let’s get back to being giddy and excited to explore the possibilities of meeting someone new!

The host of Working on a Masterplan is author, host and dating expert LaTrina McDonald.



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