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Hello everyone and welcome to Working on a Masterplan:  Dating Up!!!


First, let me explain what is Working on a Masterplan and Dating up.

I strongly believe to have a great dating life you have to know how to live a good life. So many people think they can separate dating and relationships from all other areas of their life but it is impossible. Why? Because of you. The person living it. You are only one person. You cannot become different people depending on situations and circumstances. It is simple: If you are miserable while single, I promise you will be miserable in a relationship. Not only you but also the person you are dating.

On this show I focus heavily on building a foundation of self love. Only you can create that foundation. People can love you but they cannot love for you. Also, they cannot love away any of your pain. The longer you go through life without a foundation of self love, the longer and more painful it will be to finally get to a place to begin repairing and fixing it. This is because you have to shift through all the disappoints and hurt left from people that may or may no longer be in your life.

On this show whenever you hear “Masterplan”, it is speaking about your life. Everything you do, every word you speak affects the masterplan (you). And the one thing I know for certain, is that it is a lifelong effort.

The concept behind “Dating Up” is having a foundation of self love and self empowerment; without this a person will always date down. To date down simply means to make bad dating decisions which usually leads to unhealthy relationships.

The art of dating is in loving oneself. To master dating and relationships you must understand that it is about connecting, giving, building and sometimes letting go. Instead of focusing on finding the one, turn your focus to becoming the one. In order to have a great dating life you must learn how to live a good life in general.

Working on a Masterplan is a show dedicated to an honest ongoing conversation for everything regarding dating and relationships. The difference between this show and others is that it deals with issues from the inside out. It will no doubt make you second guess what you thought you knew, forcing you to take a honest look at what you truly bring to a relationship. Its cool to know how and where to go to find a partner but what about keeping one.?

Working on a Masterplan: Dating Up show will guide you into finding your power, identifying your voice and creating a balance to allow you the opportunity to manifest meaningful and healthy relationships into your life. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher Radio or YouTube.

The host of Working on a Masterplan is author, life & dating coach and host LaTrina McDonald. To find out more information on her please click on the About page.