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  What is the masterplan? It’s your life. Every single thing you do, say and think affects the ever changing plan, which is how your life is playing out.  





Break-ups happen. Divorce happens.Once you’ve been through either you learn that life does not start nor stop due to a relationship status.

Once you experience the pain and shame of divorce you vow to never make the same mistake again. The mistake is not marriage, the mistake is the approach you took towards marriage.

After a break-up,especially a divorce, it is imperative to take time to heal,alone. You need to learn to be happily single in order to be happy in love again. The person you are single is the person you are in a relationship.

Being single is the perfect time to work on yourself, to reflect and address any deep rooted issues that could arise in your next relationship.Take advantage of this time so you’ll know for a fact that you are the best you can be and you will not settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Working on a Masterplan is a show dedicated to an honest, ongoing conversation on everything more experienced daters encounter on a regular basis. The show is a no judgement zone.

All listeners have 1 thing in common, we have either been through a life altering breakup or a divorce. We have been through enough pain and judgement already. Let’s start the healing process. Let’s grow together!

The show is an audio and video podcast. Available on Apple podcasts and Stitcher.

The host of Working on a Masterplan is author and host LaTrina McDonald.



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